Packing A Moving Box Is Simple, Just Follow These 7 Rules

Packing Made Easy

Don’t wait to start packing: Move day sneaks up on everyone!  Start packing and downsizing shortly after you determine your move date. Anything that you will not need on the morning of your move should be packed by the night before to minimize stress and decrease moving time.

Give yourself plenty of time: It is very easy to underestimate the time it takes to completely pack your belongings. When figuring how much time you will need to get packed, remember how long it takes to pack for a short vacation or business trip and compare to time needed for packing your entire home!

Pack with Priority: Start by packing items that you can do without until move day. Knick-knacks, books, extra clothing, garage items and wall hangings/pictures are great places to start.

Be mindful of box weight: The heavier an item, the smaller the box should be. Belongings like books, files and papers should be placed in a smaller box. Large boxes work best for linens, pillows, and other light weight items. As a rule of thumb, pack boxes to weigh no more than 40-50lbs.

Labeling:  Labeling your boxes is always a good idea. Label boxes by room/contents  to help yourself stay organized during packing and unpacking.

Securing the Box: Moving boxes is safest and easiest when each box is closed and taped. Open-top boxes are difficult to stack and increase the likelihood for damaged belongings.

Purchase boxes designed for moving: Moving boxes are sturdier than boxes for other purposes. We have a long list of regular and specialty boxes and packing materials that are priced competitively and designed for moving. Remember… Packing A Moving Box Is Simple!