How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Tips to help you have a successful move.

Moving time is approaching and you are getting ready to pack your items for the big day. Here are a few tips to help you organize your boxes for the best benefit of your belongings and those who will be moving them.


Moving companies like Gigantic Moving and Storage can provide you with the moving supplies you need in advance, if there are items you’d like to pack yourself. Whether you get boxes from us, or elsewhere, be sure to tape the bottoms to make them more sturdy. Even when boxes look intact or are folded shut, without extra tape on the bottom, they can break open, spilling your contents. Make sure to always use packing tape. Do not use masking tape or duct tape, which is not designed to hold cardboard. Place 2-3 strips of tape across the bottom, depending on how heavy the items will be in your box.


Group all of your items by room. It will make it easier to unpack if you have organized your boxes by the room in which they will be needed. Next, group your heavy items together and lighter items in a separate pile. This will make the actual packing of your boxes easier.


Start by placing heavy items in first. If they’re fragile or you want to prevent scratched items, use packing peanuts, or wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper. Next place lighter items in next, wrapped if necessary. Before closing the box, put in another layer of packing peanuts or paper. Don’t have packing peanuts? Clothing can often be used as cushioning to protect your items. Your boxes will likely be stacked in the moving van, so give them some extra cushion to help protect your belongings. 

Make sure your boxes weigh no more than 30 pounds each–your back will thank you later! Close the box and seal it with packing tape. Label the box with its contents and destination room. Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items so that you don’t end up with boxes that weigh more than 30 pounds, and try not to fill a box with only books.

Special Supplies

A great option for moving your clothes are wardrobe boxes with a hanging rail. These will keep your clothes hung up and with as few wrinkles as possible during transport. A two-foot by two-foot box holds about 2 feet of closet space. Measure your hanging space in your closet to determine how many wardrobe boxes you will need. Wardrobe boxes also have handholds for easy carrying.

Another type of packing box is a dish box. These have compartments for packing dishes vertically, to help prevent breaking. Foam sleeves are also available, which decrease the chances of chipping and cracking during packing, unpacking, and transport.

Special packing supplies are available from Home Depot, Amazon or U-Haul, among other places. 


Hopefully, these packing tips will help make your move less stressful. Of course, here at Gigantic Moving & Storage, we’re happy to take the packing work off your hands. Contact us for an estimate or to make a reservation.