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The experienced and hard working team at Gigantic Moving and Storage are proud to provide trusted and professional service for your next Seattle move. As the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, it is a popular moving destination with a growing economy. The lush, green forests and fresh mountain air make Seattle a great place to both live and work. Whether you’re moving from across town or from a nearby city, Gigantic’s movers will help you set up your new home or office quickly and hassle-free.

Located near the beautiful Washington coast, Seattle is one of the nation’s busiest seaports, connecting the city with nations reaching far across the globe. Its iconic skyline can easily be seen reflected on the peaceful Puget Sound during a calm night. Taking the elevator up to the top of the world famous Space Needle gives you views of snowcapped Mount Rainier towering over the bustling city.

After you come back down several stories to street level, you can watch a Seattle Seahawks game in the loudest stadium in the nation. If sports are not your thing, the town is bursting with arts, music, culture, and an exciting restaurant scene. There’s no need to buy tickets or  make reservations to enjoy your day; Seattle’s year-round temperate climate makes it a perfect location for those interested in biking, fishing, hiking, or snowboarding. For a more relaxing outdoor activity, you can always simply go on a stroll through Gasworks or Discovery Park, the city’s largest.

With so much to see and do in Seattle, there’s no need to waste time stressing about an upcoming move. Lucky for you, as a Seattle-based moving company, Gigantic’s movers know the area well and will make relocating your home or business simple. Your local Seattle movers will have you packed, moved and ready to explore the lively city  in no time.

A metropolitan Seattle move will give you a chance to explore different areas of the city and discover your new favorite restaurant or park. A safe and secure move is the perfect way to start off your new beginnings in the big city, and the licensed and experienced experts at Gigantic Moving & Storage understand the importance of a job well done. Play it safe by moving with us.

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