Lacey Movers

Lacey Movers

Make moving to Lacey easy with local Lacey movers. The experts at Gigantic’s Lacey Movers are experienced and knowledgeable and always provide the highest full service for your residential move. As a thriving suburb of the state’s capital, Lacey is full of new career opportunities and a have for the eco-conscious.

Lacey has slowly come into its own over the years and is now a prospering city of about 45,000. With multiple businesses recently pouring in, Lacey has great opportunities while still being well located for commuters to Olympia. It’s important to mix business and pleasure in your life, so don’t miss out on the fun that comes with being situated on the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountains. Lacey is full of lakes, thick forests and miles of trails to let you fall in love with the great outdoors. The city likes to mix it up, too, with a great array of arts and culture events to suit every taste. Have good clean fun at the old fashioned fair or the Dixieland Jazz festival or learn a new recipe at the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival. Get started planning your weekends, and let professionals work on the big move. Gigantic Movers handle your relocation from pick-up to drop-off with sure hands and the latest technology giving you a chance to start working on your social calendar.

Feel like celebrating after the big move? Try out the activities out on one of Lacey’s many lakes from bass fishing to boating. Whether you’re seasoned or new to the water, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The city takes its natural amenities seriously, and is an official EPA “Green Power Community”. If you’re looking to live a greener lifestyle, moving to Lacey will be a great catalyst to your positive changes. The city is also getting greener by working on its plans to use 100% green electrical energy in all of its municipal buildings. If you drive an electric car, you’ll have no problem finding charging stations around the city! With a healthy atmosphere and strong initiatives, Lacey sets a great example for surrounding areas, and with a low crime rate, it’s a great place to settle in to build your home.

After moving to Lacey with your items safely placed at home by your dependable local movers from Gigantic’s Lacey Movers, you can fully enjoy the amenities and scenery that the city has to offer. Find your way around town and make yourself at home in one of the Pacific Northwest’s less well-known gems.

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