Kenmore Movers

Kenmore Movers

Let Gigantic’s Kenmore Movers help you beat the stress of moving to Kenmore. Always knowledgeable and professional, your local Kenmore movers understand the importance of a fast and easy move. With its colorful background of speakeasies and a beautiful Pacific Northwest landscape, Kenmore will continually surprise you with its charm.

The city sits on Lake Washington with a window to the Cascade Mountains. As a idyllic vision of the Pacific Northwest, you’ll get all of the rustic beauty you’ve been looking for. Just around 22,000 people call Kenmore home, so if you’re searching for a peaceful place to set down your roots, the city is happy to oblige. Start things off right with Gigantic Movers, our experts are always hassle-free and get the job done right. With your move under control, you’re ready to get into the tight-knit community and get your hands dirty with events like the garden pruning and maintenance for Beautify Kenmore or join the thousands of volunteers at other events throughout the year. While the city serves as a great place to commute out to the larger cities like Seattle or Redmond for work, the city also has a strong port and the Kenmore Air Harbor which provides many jobs.

After moving to Kenmore, take advantage of the quieter lifestyle to expand your education. There are three colleges and universities around the area to provide classes on whatever you’re interested in. If you’ve recently found an interest in the arts, you’ll be please about the Arts of Kenmore a new gallery that opened in 2013 at the Kenmore City Hall. Whether you spend your time out at the lake or playing in the multiple gardens around the city, you’ll first need to decide which neighborhood to make your resting place. Luckily no matter what you choose from Linwood Heights or Arrowhead, Gigantic’s Kenmore Movers will help make moving to your dream house a reality. Fast and dependable service from

With a rich history from prohibition to nudists keep the city interesting, so dig in and see what your favorite part is. Leave it all behind on a boat ride out on the lake or a walk out in the woods. Kenmore is a beautiful place to let you relax and enjoy life.

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